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Credit Unions are 'not for profit' financial co-operatives owned and controlled by individual members with strong volunteer involvement. Credit Unions provide accessible savings, low-cost loans and other financial services. As locally-owned businesses they have economic objectives complemented by social objectives with a clear commitment to mutuality, community and social goals.


Anyone wishing to volunteer should have the following skill base:
Excellent people skills
A basic knowledge of accounts
Some knowledge of Credit Unions and how they operate.
Anyone who does not possess any of the above will be fully trained by the Credit Union.

People wishing to volunteer with Credit Unions should have an ability to communicate in an informative and friendly way, the services of a Credit Union.


Talking to members who come from all backgrounds.
Making people feel at ease when they use the services of the Credit Union.
The ability to contribute to the management and operational team of the Credit Union.
Working with others as part of a team.

NB: If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please download the PDF files on the right, fill in the form and return it to the credit union.

Job Specification

Volunteer Application Form