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Payment Method

Pay your Credit Union online


If you wish to set up a standing order or internet bank payment with your bank our details are as follows:


Payee: Newarthill Credit Union Limited

Sort Code: 60-83-01

Account No: 20190000

Reference: Credit Union Book (Member)  Number and Surname   (This is the most important thing)


NB You may send one payment and have it split between many accounts by example:


Sending a payment for say £200

Send an email to stating


Senior Books

Book (Member) No ???? Shares £10 Loan £90

Book (Member) No ???? Shares £5 Loan £45


Junior Books

Book (Member) No ????? Shares £25

Book (Member) No ????? Shares £25


Total £200


The above would be recorded through the sender’s account matching the Reference Book Number and Surname (as above)





 Register for the Website



Please register for the Website in order to see your payments have reached your account.  Registering for the Website also gives you online access to the application process of loans and withdrawals.


 Contact the office on: 07565 515233 , 07565 515234 ,  07754 626152 and 07754 623987