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15 Reasons Why Credit Unions Makes Sense

  1. Credit Unions are not for profit mutual finance co-operatives
  2. Members own and control the Credit Union
  3. All surplus goes back to the member
  4. Excellent dividends are paid to members
  5. Credit Unions are local and convenient
  6. Credit Unions have voluntary non-paid board members
  7. Standing order can be set up on request
  8. Low cost finance
  9. No hidden or additional costs
  10. Each application is treated in confidence on its merits
  11. Loans can be tailored to members needs
  12. Interest is charged on the reducing loan balance – you only pay interest on what you owe
  13. No interest is charged on interest due – unlike other institutions
  14. Saving and loan death benefit automatically provided at no extra cost (conditions

    and limits apply)

  15. Loans can be issued on the spot or within days depending on the size 

Joining is easy
  • Fill in an application form and bring to the main office along with the following
  • If you live in the area of North Lanarkshire bring two forms of ID
    • Utility bill (name and address proof)
    • Passport , driving licence (photographic proof)
  • If you work in the North Lanarkshire area bring two forms of ID and a

    wage slip

    • Wage slip (working in area proof)
  • Entrance fee is £1.00
  • Minimum share deposit £1.00
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